• Semi-automatic grinding with numerical control for gear-cutting heads VZ-411F2
Semiautomatic grinding with CNC VZ-414F4 is intended for sharpening gear-cutting heads and broaches, cutting conical wheels with circular and straight teeth. The semi-automatic machine has a vertical configuration and is characterized by vertical and lateral movements of the grinding head with oscillating movement of the grinding wheel and longitudinal movement of the product head. The semi-automatic machine is equipped with a programmable controller SIMATIC S7-300, stepper drive and motors of the company SIEMENS (Germany).
The CNC SINUMERIK 810D is characterized by: 

  • roughing and finishing grinding is performed in one cycle without operator intervention;
  • CNC system provides the possibility of regulating the choice of optimum modes of grinding and the frequency of the grinding wheel;
  • motorized drive of vertical and cross movement of grinding head and travel of the workpiece headstock provides the ease of maintenance and improve performance;
  • the use of feedback sensors for measuring the transverse movement of the grinding head, tilting headstock spindle allows you to quickly and accurately adjust the machinehigh reliability in operation.

Currently, the machine is not supplied, but we will try to pick up an analog for you.

The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.

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Semi-automatic grinding with numerical control for gear-cutting heads VZ-411F2

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