• Semiautomatic grinding-grinding with CNC VZ-417F4
Semi-automatic is a wide-universal grinding and grinding machine with CNC and is designed for grinding flute grooves with any parameters on all types of cutting tools from hard alloy and high-speed steels, as well as for sharpening all kinds of tools on any surfaces with high-strength abrasive, diamond and elboric grinding wheels with cooling and without it.

All the responsible units and mechanisms of the semi-automatic machine are assembled from the components of the leading world manufacturers. CNC SINUMERIK 840D manufactured by SIEMENS, Germany, is characterized by:

  • high-precision and highly dynamic movements;
  • the ability to implement any movement using linear, circular, helical, spline and polynomial interpolation;
  • free programming;the ability to manage in interactive mode;
  • control by PC.
  • Moves along the axes are carried out by digital motors controlled by SIEMENS.

The semiautomatic machine has a hydraulically clamped-out billets in the spindle of the product head and a grinding wheel in the grinding wheel. The axes X, Y, Z are guided by NSK linear linear rolling guides combining ease of travel, high precision and stiffness. tool holders can carry three grinding wheels simultaneously. The possibility of simultaneous controlled interpolated movement of 5 axes allows you to process the part from one installation to all surfaces. etsialnomu order on the machine can be set to automatic measuring device MARPOSS manufactured. At the request of the customer, the machine can be equipped with a highly efficient and reliable system for the supply and cleaning of coolant from SOMMERMEYER and HKS, which makes it possible to dramatically increase the intensity of workpiece processing while maintaining the quality and accuracy of the product. The arrangement of the semi-automatic machine allows the working space to be rationally used. The original design of the fence makes it possible, with good sealing and a review of the cutting area, to have convenient access to the working elements of the semi-automatic machine for maintenance and adjustment.

Currently, the machine is not supplied, but we will try to pick up an analog for you.

The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.

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Semiautomatic grinding-grinding with CNC VZ-417F4

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