• Semiautomatic machine VZ-463

Semi-automatic diamond-erosion grinding machine VZ-463 is designed for sharpening hard-alloy drill bits, used for drilling boreholes by impact machines, diamond grinding wheel with EDM. Applied to mining enterprises.

Machine Features:

  • For crowns of type CCP circle diamond special IEEIX-I-256 х 42 х 3х х132о х R200 х 76 ТУ2-037-524-85;
  • For crowns of type CTSH a circle diamond special IEEIX-I-256 х 42 (40) 3х х145о х R200 х76 ТУ2-037-524-85;
  • For KDP type crowns diamond shaped circle 9H1V 250 x 42 (40) x 5x x R150 x 76 TU88 of the Ukrainian SSR 90.1062-85
  • It is allowed to use circles with a height B = 40 mm
  • .

At present the machine is not supplied, the analog of this equipment is the model VZ-763.

The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.

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Semiautomatic machine VZ-463

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