Provides sharpening and finishing of face milling cutters on flat rear surfaces.

The device 3E642E.P21 consists of a body, a swing arm and a plate, which is mounted on the table of the machine. The swivel bracket is mounted on the plate with the ability to rotate on it about a vertical axis of 360 °.

On the swivel arm on the two pins, a housing is mounted, inside which the spindle of the device is mounted on the rolling bearings. The body can be rotated on pins in a vertical plane. At the rear end of the spindle, a flywheel is installed to rotate the spindle during division.

When installing and removing the milling head, as well as when placing the props under the tooth, the spindle must be secured against turning. For this purpose, there is a brake, a handle that is pulled out to the top wall of the casing.

Sharpening of the milling head is made on the prop, fixing the position of the sharpened tooth.

The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Dimensions of the sharpened end mills, mm :
max. diameter 400
max. width 80
Angle of rotation of the spindle, grad. in the vertical plane of the zero:
clockwise 20
counterclockwise 20
in the horizontal plane 360
Internal taper in the spindle according to GOST 15945-82 50АТ6
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) mm 365×285×351
Weight, kg 97,1

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Tool for sharpening face mills 3E642E.P21

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