It is intended for installation of the product when machining on a universal-sharpening machine at an angle relative to the working surface of the machine table. The turning axis of the product can be arranged parallel or perpendicular to the direction of longitudinal movement of the machine table. The product on the turntable is fixed with a magnetic plate, vice, clamps or other devices. If necessary, the rotary table can also be used on other machines (flat-grinding, milling, drilling, boring, etc.)

The turntable (figure 1) consists of a body 1 having two mutually perpendicular mounting planes and a turntable 2 with three T-shaped grooves. The turntable can bend towards the machine table. Rotation is carried out by circular sweep guides of the "swallowtail" type with the help of the helical wheel 3 and the worm 4, rotating the last by the projecting square. The turntable is fixed in the required position 5. The locating keys on the surfaces B and D are installed in the longitudinal grooves, ensuring the location of the pivot axis of the table parallel to the direction of longitudinal movement of the table of the machine. If necessary, they can be reinstalled into the transverse grooves and fastened to the turntable on the machine table. In this case, the pivot of the table is set perpendicular to the direction of longitudinal movement of the table of the machine.

Video table swivel 3E642E.P30

The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Dimensions of table working surface, mm:
                length 400
                width 140
Width of T-shape grooves, mm 14Н8
The number of T-slot 3
Angle of rotation in the vertical plane, deg. 90
The price of division of the cone, the angles of rotation of the table, deg. 10
Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm 400×230×120
Weight, kg 33
The quality and accuracy of processed workpieces:
Tolerance profile angle, deg. ±10
Machined surface roughness, mm Ra≤0,80

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Rotary table 3E642E.P30

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