Designed for sharpening right and laboriosa of core drills and step drills on the rear surface by the method of relief in the axial direction. Possible sharpening of other tools by the same method (taps, etc.). The decline of the head on the ground surface is provided by a replaceable Cam. The necessary tools for basing and fixing of sharpening tools according to the completeness and interchangeable Cams to obtain the desired back angles on them specified in the order.

For tools having different shank sizes, it is necessary to use a removable transition sleeve included in kit universal grinding machine.

For mounting tools with cylindrical shank in the tapered hole of the spindle fixture is installed trehchasovye Chuck, which is tightened with a ramrod.

The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Diameter of the sharpened tool, mm:
max. 3
min. 50
Internal spindle cone according to GOST 25557-82 Morse 4 АТ6
Limits of the sizes of the corners of the intake cone, deg. 0…180
Limits of the values of the rear angles not limited
Possible number of divisions when working with a dividing disc 2,3,4,6,12
Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm: 690×182×318
Weight, kg 45
Quality and accuracy of sharpened tools:
radial runout of the main cutting edges up to 18 mm 0,04 mm
tools 18…35 mm 0,05 mm
diameters of st. 35 mm 0,063 mm
Surface roughness Ra≤1,25

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The device for sharpening of core drills and step drills 3Е642Е.P19

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