• Cooling installation VZ-318E.60.000

Our company offers a cooling installation VZ-318E.60.000, which is a reliable system for supply and cleaning of the cutting fluid to all machines of the grinding group.

The coolant tank is manufactured on modern equipment from high quality material, which ensures the highest strength of the metal container, its resistance to negative external factors and mechanical influences, to the influence of the aggressive medium and substance.

The coolant flow rate is selected depending on the grinding modes. The cooling unit is installed on the side of the machine, and the cooling fitting made by the articulated arm is fixed by means of a bracket on the grinding head.

Operation of the device is reduced to cleaning the receiving tank as the slurry is filled, as well as periodic cleaning and rinsing of the coolant tank. The coolant supply is regulated by turning the nozzle. The coolant is poured into the tank from above through the drain window. As a coolant it is recommended to use synthetic coolant (aqueous solution) of the following composition:

  • 0.5 - 1.5% triethanolamine;
  • 0,25 - 0,6% of sodium nitrate (or soap);
  • Up to 0.6% glycerol.

It is acceptable to use emulsion from emulsols such as NGL-205 - 10% concentration or Ukrinol 12, 14 - concentration 2 - 3%, and also hydrocarbon coolant - OSMZ. It is forbidden to use fat-containing synthetic coolant and emulsion of high concentration, since they contribute to grinding of the grinding wheel. When using hydrocarbon coolant, a partial combustion of the coolant takes place under the influence of heat released during grinding, with the emission of smoke and odor.

Metal tanks can be made to order in accordance with the wishes of the customer and the features of the project. Manufacture of containers from metal is made in the shortest possible time.

The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.

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Cooling installation VZ-318E.60.000

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