The device is intended for sharpening on grinding machines of models VZ-318, VZ-318E, VZ-818, VZ-818E worm cutters according to GOST9324-80. Division into the tooth is carried out on a dividing disc. On the device it is possible to sharpen another tool on the front and rear surfaces with the angle of installation of the sinus ruler up to 10°.

When sharpening the tool with the installation of a sinus ruler up to 45°, it is necessary to use hydroficated machines of the mod. VZ-318E, VZ-818E. With the use of the tool, it is possible to sharpen the tool with straight grooves. For this, the sinus ruler is set parallel to the longitudinal displacement of the table, i.e. In the zero position.

Video work of the device VZ-318.P26

The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Max. diameter of the grind tool, mm

Max. length of the ground surface of the tool, mm

Max. depth of the ground groove, mm

Max.angle of the helical flute and properties of sharpened tool 
Internal spindle taper tGOST ий конус шпинделя по ГОСТ 25557-82
Morse 5 АТ6
Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm  830×530×485
Weight, kg

Quality and precision sharpened tools (hobbing cutters and the like): 

Tolerance of the difference between adjacent circumferential steps, mm (DFr=90mm)  0,05
Tolerance for accumulated error of the district step flute, mm (DFr=90mm)
Tolerance profile of the front surface , mm (DFr=90mm) 0,05
Tolerance of the flute, mm (DFr=90mm)±0,100 in length 100 mm
Roughness of the machined surface, µm  Ra≤0,63

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Device for grinding spiral tool VZ-318.P26

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