The drill – a type of the cutting tool, is intended for drilling, increase in earlier drilled openings or a receiving not through deepening of openings in numerous materials. At active operation the drill quickly loses the cutting indicators. If not to take a measure, the drill will finally become useless, and it simply should be thrown out.

To thicket of others the spiral drill is used (screw) which is made in the form of a cylindrical core. On a working surface of a core two are located (more rare four) screw spiral flutes which serve for removal of shaving and formation of the cutting ribbons.For sharpening of spiral drills our enterprise offers VZ-879P10 adaptation. This adaptation is regularly used at cylindrical sharpening of the right spiral drills with a cylindrical and conic shaft on machines of the VZ-879-01 model and on earlier made VZ-379 and VZ-379-01 models. In adaptation drills which diameter is in range of 20 - 50 mm are sharpened.

It is necessary to mark out the following technical features of adaptation:

  • simple adaptation of angular orientation gives an opportunity of a fast repoint of a drill;
  • on adaptation the work with cooling considerably increasing firmness of sharpening of a drill is admissible;
  • adaptation is supplied with the mechanism of editing of a grinding wheel increasing quality of sharpening;
  • installation of adaptation doesn't influence initial opportunities of the machine.

VZ-879P10 adaptation allows tool-grinder the VZ-879-01 grinder is high-quality and to quickly make sharpening of spiral drills that does the machine competitive. Reliability of the machine is confirmed by the fact that on the machine protection against an overload of engines, protection against currents of short circuit, zero protection against reclosure is provided. The machine is subjected to acceptance tests at a statement stage on production and to periodic tests in the conditions of serial release.

Technical description
The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.

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