The grinder provides sharpening of various cutting tools. The head spindle head turns in two mutually perpendicular planes, setting the spindle axis at the required angle with respect to the grinding wheel.

Complete with a vice with a conical shank 3Е642Е.П11 allows you to handle products with a rectangular holder, for example, cutters: Complete with a tool for round grinding 3Е642Е.П17 can be used as a drive head for rotating the product. The assembly of the headstock with the necessary devices and equipment is specified when order.

The head consists of a body 5, a bracket 6 and a plate 7, by means of which it is mounted on the table of the machine. On the plate, the housing together with the bracket can be deployed in a horizontal plane, and on the bracket - in a vertical plane. Inside the housing 5 is mounted a spindle on high-precision rolling bearings. A pulley 1 is installed on its rear end, which is used for circular grinding. The tool holder is fixed to the spindle by a ramrod in this spindle. In this form the headstock is used for sharpening the tool on the tool.

If necessary, the headstock is equipped with the dividing mechanism 3Е642Е.П1.020 for processing products on the dividing disc. Assembling tools are fixed in the spindle on the cantilever mandrel, tools with a cylindrical shank - using adapter sleeves, tools with a cylindrical shank in the collet clamp 3Е642Е.П40 or three-barrel cartridge ВЗ-318.П84. The rotational drive of the VZ-318.P17 product is mounted on the headstock according to its instruction manual VZ-318.P17.000 RE. To perform round external grinding in the centers, a special center and a leash with a clamp are additionally used. To perform intragrinding work, the machine must be equipped with an internal grinding tool VZ-318.P18, and the headstock - with a three-jaw or magnetic chuck. If it is necessary to process products with a rectangular holder, for example, for sharpening the incisors, the headstock is equipped with a vice with a conical shank 3Е642Е.П11.

Universal head. Adaptation VZ-318.P1

The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.

Internal spindle cone of GOST 25557-82

Morse 5 AT6

Angle of rotation from zero, deg:


in the vertical plane


in the horizontal plane


The largest diameter of sharpened mills, mm


Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm


Weight, kg


Beating tolerance of the main cutting edges:


for two adjacent teeth


for opposite teeth


Surface roughness, mm


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Universal head. Adaptation VZ-318.P1

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