Woodworking lathe with a copy machine TDS-2 is designed for manual grinding of cylindrical and shaped surfaces of wood products in centers and lathe chuck, face turning on the faceplate, and turning on a copier.

The device allows processing work pieces with a length of 180 to 1000 mm and a diameter of 20 to 200 mm, and using a faceplate - up to 300 mm in diameter.

The machine consists of a welded base, which is mounted on a stand. On the basis of mounted headstock products and caliper. On the support there is a rotary tool holder on two incisors with four fixed positions. The support is equipped with a copy carriage and allows reproducing the product profile from both the copier and the master part. The copying carriage is placed on the ball rails, which ensure its easy movement.

On the back wall of the base with the help of a bracket is mounted the electric motor of the head drive of the product, the power of 1500 W. The spindle circulation frequency is adjustable and can be 580, 1000, 2000 and 3500 rpm. Changing the speed of rotation is carried out by reinstalling the belt on the four-rope pulley of the spindle.

The kinematics of the device ensures the following movements of the working bodies:

  • Rotation of the head of the product from the electric motor by means of V-belt transmission;
  • Longitudinal movement of the support from the flywheel through the gear-chain drive;
  • The flywheel travels the cross slide of the caliper with the installed tool holder.

The device includes interlocks preventing the engine from starting in the following cases:

  • Open or not supplied belt housing;
  • Do not put protective covers for the faceplate, lead, cartridge;
  • The casing of the cartridge is opened.

The machine is highly reliable, equipped with grounding clamps, protection of the motor against overloads and short-circuit currents.

Video woodturning Machine TDS-2

Technical description
The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Max length of the workpiece to be machined in centers, mm1000
Max diameter of the workpiece to be machined in centers, mm: 
while operating with handrest200
while copying120
Max diameter of the workpiece to be machined on faceplate, mm300
Dimensions of cutters to be installed on the machine, mm10х10…16х16
Tailstock taperMorse 2AT6
Faceplate diameter, mm300/150
Spindle, min-1580,1000,2000,3500
Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm1500х700х1210
Machine weight, kg300

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Woodturning Machine TDS-2

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