The machine tool tape joiner VZ-357 is designed for rectilinear and curved cutting of band saws of wood products, as well as for flat grinding of parts and grinding corners.

The machine consists of a C-shaped rack, which is made in the form of a welded frame, divided into three niches. In the lower part is the electrical equipment. In the upper part there is a driven pulley, a guiding device and a mechanism for fixing a ragged saw. In the middle niche there is a leading pulley, the end of which serves as a grinding wheel. On the door of the middle niche, a rotary table is mounted, allowing grinding of parts at an angle of up to 45 °. As a cutting tool, a bimetallic band saw is welded into a ring and stretched on pulleys in the upper and middle niche.

The table for sawing is a cast iron cast, half-cut by a groove for a saw. For straight cutting on the table, the guide ruler is installed and securely fixed at a distance equal to the width of the sawed part.

To perform sawing of other types, the machine is equipped with special tools:

  • adjustable stop for cutting parts along the circumference;
  • adjustable stop for cutting to a certain depth;
  • swivel stop for transverse rectilinear cutting at an angle.

The machine is designed with interlocks preventing the engine from starting when the fence door is open and the casing is removed, and when there is no saw band or when it is not stretched. Starting the engine will also be impossible if the machine is not connected to the dust extraction system.

Technical description

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Band Sawing Machine VZ-357

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