OJSC VIZAS WORKS warns its customers that makes grinding machines models VZ-818 and VZ-818E since 2008. Machines Model VZ-318 VZ-318E are out of production since 2008. OJSC VIZAS WORKS informs the consumers about the resumption of production of the 'legendary' models of grinding machines mod. 3E642 and 3E642E. 

Tool-n-cutter grinders with CNC

Name Model
Semiautomatic CNC Grinding Machine For Gear Shaping Heads VZ-441F2
CNC Sharpening And Grinding Center VZ-454F4
Grinding and sharpening center with CNC VZ-531F4
CNC semiautomatic profile and cylindrical grinding machine VZ-534F4
Precision Broach Grinding Machine VZ-621F4
CNC machine for sharpening of profiled blades VZ-622F4
Semiautomatic CNC Grinding Machine For Face Mills VZ-652F2
Semiautomatic CNC gear-grinding machine VZ-676F4
Semiautomatic special CNC thread-grinding. VZ-678F4
Semiautomatic CNC thread-grinding machine VZ-681F4
CNC Semiautomatic Hob-Grinding Machine VZ-715F4
CNC Semiautomatic Hob-Grinding Machine VZ-721F4
The CNC Spline-Grinding Machine VZ-729F4
The CNC Spline-Grinding Machine VZ-729F4-01
The CNC Spline-Grinding Machine VZ-729F4-02
Software Package For Preparation CNC Control Programs SPUP

Universal tool-n-cutter grinders

Name Model
Universal Tools And Cutter Grinders 3Е642
Universal Tools And Cutter Grinders 3Е642Е
Universal Tool&Cutter Grinder VZ-818
Universal Tool&Cutter Grinder VZ-818Е
Woodworking Tool Grinding Machine VZ-384
Tool & Cutter Grinder (Table-Top) VZ-319
Semiautomatic Diamond-Erosion Jackbits Grinding Machine VZ-763
Grinding Machine For Circular Saws With Carbide Composition Plates VZ-464
Drill Grinding Machine VZ-823
Drill Grinding Machine VZ-889
Tool Grinding Machine (with dust collector) VZ-879-01
Cutting Tool Grinding Unit VZ-879-02
Flat Blade Grinding Machine VZ-874
Flat Blade Grinding Machine VZ-874RN
Twist drill grinding attachment VZ-879.P10
Die-grinding machine VZ-462
Form Milling Cutter Flank Grinding Machine VZ-222

Woodworking grinders

Name Model
Band Sawing Machine VZ-357
Woodturning Machine TDS-2

Special machines

Name Model
Machine for Torque Breakdown Test of Grinding Wheels SR-400V
The device measuring ВЗ-581

Dust collectors

Name Model
Dust Collector V19-101
Dust Collector For Wood Shavings VZ-576