It is intended for sharpening of the end and saddle tool. Having small dimensions and the possibility of turning in 3 mutually perpendicular planes, the head has great maneuverability and is convenient when it is necessary to sharpen the end and front tools on the front and back surfaces, in particular, the teeth at the end

The headstock consists of a body 1 of two brackets 2 and a plate 3, by means of which it is mounted on the table of the machine. On the plate, the housing together with the bracket can be rotated in a horizontal plane, and on the brackets the housing rotates in two vertical planes. Inside the body, a spindle 4 is mounted on high-precision thrust bearings and sliding bearings. At the lower end of the spindle, a separating disc 5 is installed, and a spring-loaded pawl is attached to the flange that is attached to the housing. 6. On the separating disc, replaceable overlappings are fixed. To fix the spindle from rotation, a radial clamp is used, the handle 7 of which is located on the side of the casing. For accurate spindle turns and for making circular feeds, when working with a dividing disc, screws 2 are used. To work on the prop with screw 12, the pawl is removed from the tooth of the dividing disc. The sharpened tool is installed in the conical hole of the spindle and fixed with a screw 8. By turning the body with a sharpened tool, the tool is installed in the required position for sharpening, the necessary grinding angles are easily achieved by the possibility of turning in the horizontal and vertical planes. The device allows you to sharpen the multi-blade tool on the dividing disc and the prop.

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Tool for sharpening face mills 3E642E.P8

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